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Shattered Worlds
60"x40" Mixed Media on Paper/Click on photo for full image

Shattered Worlds

 Civilizations mark humanity’s defining moments.  As people adopt moral, legal, and economic codes, complex social systems are woven together. Art, education, science and cultural traditions flourish.  Vibrant economies enrich lives. Yet, how fragile these moral contracts are. How easily our social tapestries unravel, the moral fibers torn apart. Great fissures consume enlightened ideals of mutual respect and compassion.  Lust for power, greed, envy and hatred fill the void.  Public trust is shattered.  We are left with only bits and pieces of disturbing shards, reflecting once shining moments, now fractured.

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  1. Sara, you have managed to capture beauty out of loss. The experience of shatter, small or large, is always disruptive, a one-way street. We ask, “what could I have done to prevent this?” or “how could I have been so careless?” I can only hope that more of us, especially our kids’ generation, realize how careless we have been with our democracy – and that rather than turn their backs on the disturbing shards, decide it is still worthwhile to pay attention and participate.

    1. Thank you, Kady, for your thoughtful remarks. I admit that smashing mirrors into shards was a cathartic experience this fall.

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Sara Ware Howsam

Sara Ware Howsam

Fine artist and imaginative colorist, Sara Ware Howsam trained at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts and at the Institute of European Studies in Vienna, Austria. Her diverse career encompasses costume design, commercial illustration, teaching and studio practice. Recent exhibits include Earthscapes Jewelled Scottsdale, AZ, Secession: 2016 Brooklyn, New York and All New Women, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. Currently, she is working on a collaborative show with Mexican
and American artists titled Puentes - No Muros (Bridges - Not Walls) opening in Mexico in 2018. She is represented by Broadmoor Galleries, Colorado Springs, CO.

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